Our Services

Bi-Effe S.n.c. comes from the experience gained in over 30 years by a group of experts from industrial boilers and burners' manufacturers.

Bi-Effe S.n.c. provides services to its customers in various sectors of industry:

  • chemistry
  • pertrol chemical
  • pharmaceutical
  • food
  • textile
  • cosmetics
  • thermal and electrical energy cogeneration

Our company has competent, versatile and highly specialized staff and, over the years, the company structure has been integrated with both new technicians and collaborations with partner companies to meet the multiple demands of our customers and the increased market demand, strong competition and technological innovations.

We operate in the following areas:

  • plants and combustion process control, with the supervision of the installation of new boilers and burners
  • instrumental electrical area, with supply of both power boards and control panels with PLC logic
  • engineering area: cashing boilers and refractories renovation, burner assembly and spare parts